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Navigating the Complexities of Commercial and Retail Leases

At Peregrine Conveyancing, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services for both lessors and lessees in the commercial leasing sector. Understanding that a commercial lease represents a significant financial investment and commitment, our team is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your lease agreement is meticulously tailored to meet your business needs and legal requirements.

Ensuring Suitability and Compliance for Your Business

For businesses seeking premises, the suitability of the location is just the beginning. Our expertise extends to verifying that all necessary approvals and licenses are in place or attainable. We delve into the specifics of commercial provisions, including lease terms, rent agreements, rent increases, renewal options, and fit-out provisions, ensuring they align perfectly with your business plans. Protecting your legal rights and preparing for various contingencies and unforeseen events are at the forefront of our service.

Protecting Your Investment as a Lessor

If you own commercial or retail premises, a well-drafted and precise lease agreement is crucial to safeguard your investment. At Peregrine Conveyancing, we understand the nuances of retail leasing legislation and ensure that your lease agreements are compliant and comprehensive. This approach not only secures your investment but also sets a clear framework for the tenant-landlord relationship, significantly reducing the likelihood of disputes in the future.

Tailored Lease Agreement Services

Peregrine Conveyancing offers a range of services tailored to the diverse needs of the commercial leasing sector:

  1. Drafting Lease Agreements: Our team drafts clear, concise, and legally sound lease agreements, customized to suit the specific requirements of your business or investment property.

  2. Reviewing and Negotiating Leases: We meticulously review lease agreements, providing expert negotiation services to ensure that the terms are fair and favorable to our clients.

  3. Compliance with Retail Leasing Legislation: For lessors, we offer comprehensive assistance with compliance obligations under retail leasing legislation, ensuring your leases meet all legal standards.

  4. Handling Lease Renewals, Transfers, and Assignments: Our expertise extends to managing lease renewals, transfers, assignments, and sub-letting, ensuring these processes are conducted smoothly and in accordance with legal requirements.

Our Commitment to Your Business Success

At Peregrine Conveyancing, we are committed to the success of your business and investment endeavors. Our approach is not just about drafting and negotiating lease agreements; it’s about forming a partnership with our clients, understanding their business, and providing tailored solutions that contribute to their growth and stability.

Partner with Peregrine Conveyancing for Your Commercial Leasing Needs

Whether you’re a business owner seeking the perfect premises or a property owner looking to lease out your commercial space, Peregrine Conveyancing is your trusted legal partner. Our expertise in commercial leasing law ensures that your interests are protected and your legal obligations are met. Contact Tim at [email protected] for expert advice and personalized service in all aspects of commercial and retail leasing.

Draft Transfer

Prepare the change of ownership document

Liaise with Banks

Deal with incoming / outgoing mortgagees

Execute Court Orders

Carry our transfers under Family Law

Transfers under Probate

Carry out transfers of land pursuant to grants under a Will.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In legal terms, conveyancing is the process of transferring the title of a property from one person to another, following the sale of a property. A conveyancer is there to ensure you meet all of the legal obligations required as part of that process, as a buyer or seller. At Dott & Crossitt, we know this process can seem complicated, and there are a lot of moving parts, but we pride ourselves on being in the detail, so our clients don’t have to be.
Yes. A conveyancer (or a solicitor) undertakes the steps required to ensure you have met all of your legal obligations when buying or selling a home. While it may have been possible for a non-qualified individual to ‘do their own conveyancing’ in the past, changes to the electronic settlement laws now mean it is essentially impossible not to involve a conveyancer or solicitor in your transaction. But don’t worry you’re in good hands with us.
A conveyancer is qualified to do all things necessary to facilitate the transfer of property to or from you. This includes providing review and advice on the contract for sale. A solicitor is also qualified to review the contract but can additionally assist in enforcing the contracts through litigation or pre-litigation procedures. Needing this is rare, but it is good to have a solicitor in your corner if you need, and at Dott & Crossitt, we have both.
Dott & Crossitt is a conveyancing franchise with access to solicitors. The benefit of this, is that if issues arise throughout the sale or purchase of a property that requires litigation or pre litigation procedures, our solicitors are on hand to help.
Generally, we operate on a fixed fee model. We let you know what you can expect to pay up front, to ensure there are no surprises along the way. We believe trust is an important part of any relationship, and buying and selling a home should have that same inherent thread. With Dott & Crossitt, we ensure you know what you need to, and take care of everything else behind the scenes. You can trust we will do what we say we will, and be in the detail so you don’t have to be.
We recommend you engage us when you have engaged a real estate agent to sell your home. We can draft your contract of sale for the property and also work with you through to settlement to ensure you have met all of your legal obligations.
Yes we can.

We understand that buying or selling a house doesn’t work on a nine to five schedule, and neither do we. We are available to support you in your purchase or sale whenever you need us, no matter the day or time. Get in touch.

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